Germ Death is a brand of Idol Hands, llc which was founded in California, USA with a mission to create hygiene products that would inspire people to use them.  After having a child in an OCD family working in health care, nursing and infectious disease I was indoctrinate into keeping things clean especially hands.  I hated carrying most products on the market which looked like cheap drug companies with ugly chemical looking logos and often had artificial scents that made me dread to use them.  After investigation the value of quality soaps and cleaning products.  I formed Idol Hands, llc which is focused on supplying hygienic products that would inspire people to carry and use them.  

The Germ Death name always inspired me to wash hand and use santizer to kill germs, and since developing and putting in the market it has inspired many to use soap and hand sanitizer more regularly and recommend it to friends.  All ingredients and/or products are sourced from USA companies and FDA approved factories and include scents that are made from all-natural ingredient used in aromatherapy. 

Soaps and Hand Sanitizers are products that you should carry with you at all times. You never know when bad germs will attack, so kill them before they kill you.

~  Jefferis Von